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Enterprise-grade technology guidance for your organization

For select organizations, we provide end-to-end technology consulting. This offering is based on experience gained in some of the most advanced technology organizations and tailored to the needs of emerging businesses. We follow a holistic approach that addresses both short-term and long-term needs.


Successful firms continually examine their IT situation to ensure their systems are meeting current needs and will evolve to meet future business goals. Additionally, actively managing information technology risk has become a necessity, not an option. We help ensure that you have technology plans and processes in place that will allow you to concentrate on business and larger technology issues.


We help sophisticated small and mid-sized businesses transition from older systems to a cost-effective combination of cloud-based services and low-cost appliances to create a resilient, manageable foundation. Our technology "stack" is made up of services, hardware and software that are widely used, priced appropriately, and scalable. The result: a flexible and reliable foundation to support your business's technology needs.


A strong technology base increases reliability, but effective operations ensure those resources are available and secure. We combine as-needed support with proactive monitoring and maintenance to ensure that issues are avoided and, in the unlikely event that they occur, addressed rapidly when they happen. When your business growth drives technology expansion, we offer implementation and project management services to ensure cost-effective, impact-free deployments.


We maintain relationships with hardware, software, and services vendors that provide smaller to mid-size firms with the mindshare and service levels large firms enjoy. While we feel that these partners provide "best-in-class" offerings, we maintain them solely for our clients' benefit. We do not profit on hardware or services sales and pass on all volumes savings we are able to acquire to the client.

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