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Services and partnerships for all aspects of a Data Center Acquisition

Develop and Plan

Once you have developed a need for data center space, ProTen can pair you with technologists that will help you create specific space requirements that support your project. We believe that specific, clear requirements are one of the best tools for minimizing costs throughout the process.

Select and Acquire

ProTen brings the same expertise and skill to your data center search that we provide to firms that are acquiring office space. Provided with a thorough analysis of the marketplace, you choose from multiple alternatives that support your requirements. Once selected, ProTen will assist you with the negotiation process to ensure your acquisition is made at the very best rate.

Design and Build
Deploy and Operate

The acquisition and build-out of data center space is the beginning of the overall ownership requirements. Moving or installing equipment, cabling, and data conversion all need to be completed before the site is operational. Once the facility is populated it must be monitored and supported. ProTen maintains relationships with partners who help you in these areas to augment your internal IT capabilities as required.

Project Management

Facilities relocations demand a significant expenditure of your organization's time and focus. Throughout the relocation lifecycle, ProTen can provide you with the expertise and partnerships to help you maximize success and minimize the drain on your organization

Data center space requirements need to be tailored for your needs. ProTen will assist you with designing a data center infrastructure and making the space move-in ready for your systems. We can work with your IT staff and our partners to make sure that your space has the connectivity, infrastructure, and security you require.

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