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Project Management

ProTen offers project management as part of its brokerage services or as a stand-alone service. This support function assures that any construction project related to a client's facilities comes in on time and on budget. ProTen's lead broker (if it is related to a brokerage transaction) stays integrally involved through the construction process, making sure of all contract compliance issues related to the documents they negotiated are followed. This function has consistently saved clients a minimum of 15% of construction costs and had projects come in ahead of schedule 25% of the time and on schedule 75% of the time.

Workplace Strategies

The end goal of all of ProTen's services is to provide the client with an improved, state of the art physical facility. ProTen's workplace strategy specialists are well-versed in all the current trends in space use and layout. Although useful to apply in general terms, the most important aspect of ProTen's approach is to apply general trends in a specific and creative way to the client's wishes. The resulting facility is usually well-liked by the employees, and results in increased productivity, improved retention and greater attraction of employees.

Market Research

ProTen prides itself on superior and thorough market research on every assignment. This is due in large part to the fact that we have a very large support staff who consistently and constantly re-survey the market during the course of a transaction. This results in the client seeing every possible alternative that is available right up to the time they are ready to make a decision. This diligence makes sure that "no stone is left unturned" and assures the client they are making the best possible decision with all information available at hand.

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